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Is there a right moment or official time to give the Matching Couple Rings?

The moment to exchange these ring is when you are both prepared. It is possible to acknowledge your special connection or plans to leave for long trips for example, if they are going on business or serving in the military. Or it is the time when you know that eventually you will get married and would like to commemorate this moment with an eternal diamond. You decide.

Be aware that promise rings are intended to be presented in a personal way. Don't make them a show for the crowd. The rest depends on the situation and your preferences.

There are many ways to wear a Promise Ring

Wear it by itself or with other rings. If you are planning to wear it on a daily basis, it should be in harmony with your other rings and jewelry. It should also be a match for the engagement ring in the future so you can plan for this kind of stylistic compatibility.

What else is there to wear a promise ring besides on your hand? Some people wear rings as pendants strung on an incredibly thin chain. If you want you could wear your promise rings as pendants. Be sure to match the weight of the ring with the chain's to ensure that additional tension does not cause damage to the fine wire links.

How to choose the perfect promise ring

The best practices for choosing an item of jewelry, particularly a symbol is very personal and should be treated with caution. Your word and your taste should guide you as well as your wallet. Jewelers and stylists are able to offer advice, but it is not required.

Choose a simple but pretty ring that can be stacked later with other rings or the engagement ring.

Choose rings based on what you are passionate about and what your friend loves. Take into consideration the importance of materials and shapes and how they will be used in the rings.

You can look up the latest trends in jewelry but it's only a prompt. The classic, simple designs without or with inlays of gemstones are usually the best choice. Fancy rings with odd designs and shapes, enamel, ceramic resin, or even plastic can be popular one moment and denigrated as outdated the next. Gold, silver and real stones are as timeless as diamonds.

If you buy two rings, make sure you find them in common features like shape, color, or texture.


How much do you need to purchase a promising RING?

It's all about your financial capabilities and personal preference. The truth is that a promise ring can be bought at any price. The most cost-effective way to purchase a promise ring is between two hundred and two thousand dollars. You can get a beautiful silver or gold ring that features one small stone or a sculptural piece precious metal without a stone for around two or three hundred dollars. For around two thousand, you could purchase a substantial piece that can be a "demo version" of the engagement rings, or a small band of diamonds that will highlight the larger diamonds that will shine in the engagement ring. You can pick from different styles and pieces that will be within your budget.

Are Promise Rings Really Worth THE MONEY?

It is a good idea to purchase something that brings you back to your beloved one or your commitment to them. A ring is also one of the few love symbols that are often examined and touched.


It can be worn on different fingers. Usually it is worn on the middle finger of both hands or the finger that is the ring on the right hand. If you wear it on the finger that is the ring on your left hand, it may be mistaken as an engagement ring. This can raise questions.

Is it acceptable to wear A PROMISE RING AFTER ENGAGEMENT?

Surely. It can be worn as an engagement ring or simply put it on another finger and combine it with other rings that you own.

Is there a certain age AT WHICH YOU CAN MAKE a promise ring?

If you're old enough to be aware of what you want from of life, what you think about your relationships and plans, and have the money to buy the simplest ring, you don't need your parents. This is basically it.

Is a Promise Ring the same as a Purity Ring?

No are sie not. A promise ring can be a symbol of a future marriage, and a purity ring is an agreement to not engage in sexual contact until marriage (whether or not the person who is promising has a sweetheart or plans to marry soon).

IS AN ENGAGEMENT Ring the same as an ENGAGEMENT Ring?

They're not. The engagement ring isn't an offer, but "declares" without a time limit, the intention to marry. The wedding will be held in one year (or two).

How long could there be A COMMISSION FEED DURING THE DELIVERY of a promise ring and AN ENGAGEMENT rings?

There are no specific dates for these steps. You may agree to get married within five or three years from the time you exchange the promise ring (for instance when you both graduate from college or after a long absence). When you are ready for marriage present an engagement ring and select the wedding date. The time between engagement and wedding cannot be very long.

Unfortunately, they're waking up What should you do WITH THE RING OF PROMISE?

You may choose to return it or keep it. The person who gave the ring might want to return it in a gesture of "release of the giver from this promise." It all depends on the relationship you have as an individual or as a couple. If you keep the ring it will become a routine accessory, with no particular meaning.


This is basically the quick guide to selecting and present the promise ring to your significant other. We hope that we've dispelled any myths and stereotypes that may hinder your decision-making and have provided you with the necessary details about the promise ring, so get started and make sure you shop with confidence for this romantic and meaningful accessory - for you and your spouse to come.


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