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Information types of football betting from the unfamiliar to the familiar that you should know

If you're into analyzing odds and bookmakers' rates, you'll surely want to know about the different types of football betting available in today's market. Don't let yourself fall behind by not grasping or understanding all the available odds at reputable bookmakers. You'll also be quicker at analyzing odds if you're familiar with the following everyday winning soccer tips types of bets.

Asian Handicap (Handicap Betting): The first type of bet you need to know about is the Asian Handicap. Among common football betting types, the Asian Handicap is challenging yet the most attractive. It's named as such because it originates from Asia. The term "Handicap Betting" is quite suitable for this type of bet.

In Asian Handicap, teams are categorized into the favorite (the stronger team) and the underdog (the weaker team). When these two teams play, to create fairness and excitement for betting, a handicap is given to the favorite team against the underdog. From this, the Asian Handicap has evolved into various types such as Half Goal Handicap, One Goal Handicap, Three Quarter Goal Handicap, and so on.

3-Way Bet: The term "3-Way Bet" indicates the characteristic of this type of bet. When opening the odds, bookmakers present three possible outcomes for players to choose from. The rules of winning or losing in this bet are straightforward. That's why it's very popular. The most common 3-Way Bet is the match result (1×2). In this bet, you predict whether one team wins, the match ends in a draw, or the other team wins.

Combined 3-Way Bet: When checking bookmaker odds, you might come across a combined 3-way bet which combines match result (1×2) and Asian Handicap. In this type of bet, players still choose one of the three outcomes: win, draw, or lose. However, in addition to that, a handicap similar to Asian Handicap is applied to determine the final result. This way, players place simple but interesting bets thanks to the handicap rule.

Half Time/Full Time Bet: A familiar bet that often appears in top bookmakers is the bet based on each half or the entire match. Players can bet on each half or combine two results. For example, betting on winning both halves, drawing the first half and winning the second, losing the first half and winning the second, and so on.

Over/Under Bet: When betting at reputable bookmakers, you can't overlook the Over/Under bet. Among various football betting types, Over/Under is favored by many because it's easy to understand. In this bet, you predict the total number of goals scored in the match with a specific number. Simply bet whether the total goals will be over (Over) or under (Under) that number to win.

Nowadays, in addition to predicting the number of goals, Over/Under bets are also available for predicting the number of cards, fouls, and many other situations where quantities can be counted.

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Double Chance Bet

Originating from the Asian handicap, to enhance winning opportunities for bettors, bookmakers may offer combined bets on 2 or 3 possible outcomes. Some common combinations include: Home team to win or draw (1 or X); home or away team to win (1 or 2); and away team to draw or win (X or 2). However, the payouts for this type of bet are not as attractive because of its higher likelihood of winning.

Both Teams to Score Bet

During betting, don't be surprised to encounter both teams to score bet. In this type of bet, you simply choose either Yes or No. Naturally, determining whether your selection is correct is straightforward.

Draw No Bet

Many people find three-way bets too risky because if the match ends in a draw, they can only accept defeat. That's why some bookmakers offer Draw No Bet. In this type of bet, you only bet on which team will win the match. If the match ends in a draw, you get your stake back.

Correct Score Bet

In this bet, you predict the exact score of the match. You can predict the halftime score (Half Time Correct Score) or the full-time score (Correct Score). Moreover, some bookmakers may offer bets predicting both halftime and full-time scores simultaneously.

Odd/Even Goal Bet

Apart from over/under bets, you can also bet on the odd/even nature of the total number of goals scored. The two options are odd or even. It's a very simple and easy-to-understand bet, making your selection process much simpler. If you don't want to bother predicting which team will win, you can opt for this bet. Remember to follow each team's current form for more accurate predictions!

First/Last Team to Score or No Goal Bet

Scoring is the most exciting and dramatic event in football, hence there are many goal-related bets available. One of them is betting on which team will score first or betting on no team to score. This is a straightforward bet, with a 50-50 chance of winning. However, not all bookmakers offer this type of bet currently.

Also, during goal-related betting, even if a match is postponed midway, the bet still stands. So, as long as a team scores, the better still has a chance to win. This betting rule differs significantly from most other bets currently in use.

Winning Margin Bet

The last type of football betting that Wintips wants to mention is the winning margin bet, also known as Winning Margin. In this bet, you predict the difference in goals between the two teams. You can bet on the margin for one half or the entire match as you wish. The score that the team achieves at the end of the match determines the outcome.

The Winning Margin bet is opened before the match begins. There are many options for players to bet on, such as: Both teams draw with 0 goals, draw but with different scores like 0-0, home or away team wins by a margin of 1, 2, 3, or more goals.

The calculation for the winnings of the Winning Margin bet is based on the Asian Handicap odds as follows: Winnings = Amount wagered by the player x the corresponding odds for the number of goals that the bookmaker offers. However, this bet is only valid for the 90 minutes of the match and does not include injury time. The bet will be void if the match is postponed or abandoned.

These various types of football bets should give you a comprehensive understanding best betting tips app and options for betting. In addition, there are other bets such as betting on a comeback or betting on a team to win one half of the match, etc. Regardless of the type of bet you choose, it's important to find a reputable bookmaker – like the one mentioned above. Continue exploring Wintips on their website to understand and make an informed decision!


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